I'm alive

By jahajazz on March the 20th, 2009

Well, I haven't done dang near anything on this blog since it's inception. I'm hoping to do a much better job of keeping it up to date with stuff I'm making. The most recent development is that I got Charmeleon and Wartortle approved by ManTis. Pics added to my image gallery.


 Spring Boom

By Laroon on March the 11th, 2009

The forums have shed their caps of frost and have finally shown greenery coming through. That's right! We have a mini come-back. Old models are being finished, new ones are being processed, and new things are being brainstormed/created.

We have some new faces (I'm not gonna name any, 'cause I'll forget some) but it's great stuff. We have music in the making, models being made, and even MoP has come back to add more to the UI and get a crack at making 3d models too.

ManTis and Moomoo are still away doing whatever they do, and we hope they come back soon. Theorem's around, though busy as well. I suspect most people will becoming back in the summer, but for now, this is a good SPRING forward.


 Website back on track

By Theorem on July the 25th, 2008

Now that I'm free of school assignments and exams, I've returned to the development of z00t Theater's projects.

As for starters, I updated the website, and handled a few requests.
First of, it was totally rewritten in Ruby on Rails. It took me
a couple of days, and about half a day of importing the data from
the old database. Wrote a hell lot of regular expressions for the sql :P
Due to refactoring, the code got smaller, and way better lookin'. Much easier now to add new features now.

Now, for the new features:
RSS feeds!, as someone has asked in an old comment.

developer and project blog archive - this was a stupid thing that was missing. there was no way of viewing the older posts. It's fixed now.

Image's generated thumbnail - when we upload images, a small thumbnail is created, for bandwidth's sake.

Comment captcha - hah. a real captcha system, this time.

The number of comments each image has is now shown in the "recent images" box, so that visitors actually realise that you can *comment* the images.

The navigation is slightly improved, but huge changes have been made specially in the backoffices. It will be easier for us to add new content, that way :)

So, any new requests, bugs or suggestions, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to read it.


 Happy New Year!

By ManTis on January the 1st, 2008

Hey all! This year wasn't very eventful (apart from new website and minor updates for projects) for z00t Theater, yet we moved forward, revived dead Ekaiyo, enchanced the core team. Wasn't half bad I think.

So anyways, may this year be better than previous one in every aspect, and I wish you and myself to see more progress on our projects ;)


 Website Updates

By Theorem on October the 19th, 2007

W00. Hello there.

Just reporting that ManTis asked me to made two changes on the website system.

You now need to answer the question asked when posting a comment
on a blog entry, image, or news update. This was a necessary tool
to fight off the spam we have been getting, according to ManTis.
For now, a simple set of questions was made in order to test the
system, but a few more will be added, and they'll all be questions
whose answer is straight forward for a human being, so no worries.

Also, The images gallery is now paginated, as it was a huge load
of images at once when you visited it. For now, we're sticking
with 12 images per page. I know that the thumbnails should be
generated shrinked images, but I have no time to implement that,
and this paginate option was something I made in like 10 minutes,
so for now, it will have to do.


 Soothing light

By ManTis on August the 14th, 2007

Well, website is now more or less operational (sans the About page, but who actually goes to such pages anyway). These things will eventually move to FAQ, but since everything is new, I'll post them here:

-The main page (Home page) is page not for Ekaiyo, but for whole project, website, etc. Whenever thing happens that affects WHOLE our work, News is posted here.

-Newest blog post, which is a news for one of the projects is displayed on the main page. Keep in mind however that if two people will write post in similar time, the later one will be displayed only, so be sure to check Projects sites often (that is, unless we'll have working feeds).

-You can comment news, posts, AND pictures. Comment whatever you feel is relevant.

-For now there is one download page for all projects, it'll be splitted into couple later on.

Oh yeah, one more thing. If you fancy showing the video to somebody who doesn't want to download whole avi file, I've put it up on youtube:


I hope that's all. Will add things as I'll recall stuff.



By ManTis on August the 13th, 2007

Now I know this should go into one of the project sites (to be exact, Ekaiyo), but as this is a new page an I promised you a suprise, here it is:



 Arms raising.

By ManTis on August the 12th, 2007

Welcome to our new home. This will host all our projects, will serve as download point, blogspot and whatnot.

In next post - the suprise you've been waiting for (this is just a test post).