By SeraphsWitness on September the 12th, 2009 under Ekaiyo project

No, the project isn't dead. Consider this the update you've all been begging for! Just because you don't hear from us doesn't mean it's dead. Would you rather us work on the project or spend time telling you every detail?

On top of that (and I can't believe I'm repeating myself yet again), we all have LIVES. Rent to pay, jobs to go to, family members to love. Ekaiyo is NOT top priority at all times, unfortunately. So quit your whining, scallywags!

By the way, I graduated in May. Looking for a full-time position!


 The Odd Couple

By SeraphsWitness on April the 22nd, 2009 under Ekaiyo project

Can you think of a more ridiculous couple than Paras and Mewtwo? I can't.

Gearing up for the end of school, soon to be graduating. Like I said, you'll see a lot more out of me in particular, and I know everyone else is ramping up their production as well. So keep your eyes peeled!




By SeraphsWitness on April the 17th, 2009 under Ekaiyo project

See, I told you I would be back in action. Now this is really just to whet the appetite of our rabid followers (you know who you are).

I personally think this is a hideous pokemon. But this gives me an opportunity to talk a bit about design, and what I've learned in art school for the past 4 years. If you're interested in good design, I suggest you listen up!

Good character design is not about creating "pretty" characters, necessarily. This is one thing that I think a lot of designers get wrong... all of their characters are attractive! In the traditional sense, that is. The same thing happens on the other side of the coin. When someone is designing an ugly character, they will end up with an ugly design! These are not the same thing. Let me explain:

Every character should have appeal, whether it's an ugly character or a pretty one. For example, if you look at some of Miyazaki's character designs in his movies, particularly for the demons in Princess Mononoke, they are absolutely hideous. They are SUPPOSED to be grotesque, ugly, and disgusting. Yet they have a beautiful and attractive sense of design. You don't want your audience to be repulsed by your character, even if they are ugly. You want ugly characters to have appeal, but not physical attractiveness. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I think Fearow is a really ugly pokemon, but it definitely has a sense of appeal. Enjoy!


 Back in action!

By SeraphsWitness on April the 8th, 2009 under Ekaiyo project

Ahh... breathe a sigh of relief. Thesis is done and turned in. This means 2 things: I have to look for an actual job in the video game industry (do you know how hard it is to get someone to talk to you?) and more importantly for you, Ekaiyo gets more attention!

Well, most of you have seen this already, but I have not posted it officially yet, so here's my latest poke: Dewgong. Enjoy her elegant beauty.

You'll see a lot more from me soon, most likely. I am graduating in less than a month now, so if anyone has any leads on a position at a gaming company, let me know! I could use a connection or two.

I have several claims on my poke list, but I know for sure that my next two will be Fearow and Mewtwo, in that order. Look out for them.