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By Theorem on July the 25th, 2008

Now that I'm free of school assignments and exams, I've returned to the development of z00t Theater's projects.

As for starters, I updated the website, and handled a few requests.
First of, it was totally rewritten in Ruby on Rails. It took me
a couple of days, and about half a day of importing the data from
the old database. Wrote a hell lot of regular expressions for the sql :P
Due to refactoring, the code got smaller, and way better lookin'. Much easier now to add new features now.

Now, for the new features:
RSS feeds!, as someone has asked in an old comment.

developer and project blog archive - this was a stupid thing that was missing. there was no way of viewing the older posts. It's fixed now.

Image's generated thumbnail - when we upload images, a small thumbnail is created, for bandwidth's sake.

Comment captcha - hah. a real captcha system, this time.

The number of comments each image has is now shown in the "recent images" box, so that visitors actually realise that you can *comment* the images.

The navigation is slightly improved, but huge changes have been made specially in the backoffices. It will be easier for us to add new content, that way :)

So, any new requests, bugs or suggestions, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to read it.


irzen said, on July the 26th, 2008:

Could it be possible to do "previous" and "next" buttons on pokedex?

ManTis said, on July the 26th, 2008:

Yeah, we already thought about that. Theo is now fixing one thing with game server code and he'll be right on that. Or tomorrow, as it is way past midnight already ;)

Theorem said, on July the 26th, 2008:

As requested, I added those links.
I guess you won't miss them, they're
right above the combobox.

gamefreak2kx said, on July the 27th, 2008:

could there be a sort by artist option too?

Theorem said, on July the 27th, 2008:

That's doable. I'll think of a way to display that kind of information, and will probably address it.

Axmand said, on July the 27th, 2008:

Again Mantis and Theorem thanks for the update. Please never give up.

Numel said, on July the 29th, 2008:

Hey all your pokemon r really nice except numel needs to b fatter :)

pokeDEStiny said, on August the 18th, 2008:

The pokemon will have 4 moves like the GBA? i wanna see the glaceon how it will look like!! :D Its my favourite pokemon!

pokeDEStiny said, on August the 19th, 2008:

Guys.. i was wondering, would you like to add some events from the movies? like pikachu island, the race on the beggining of the pokemon HERROES(Latios, Latias) or something like that?

mustafa said, on October the 5th, 2008:

is it mmorpg and is online

mustafa said, on October the 5th, 2008:

is it out yet

Corogrin said, on October the 31st, 2008:

just curious where or when it will be out...? or if it is still in progress.

Enrick said, on November the 6th, 2008:

i think maybe next year or next next year mmorpg specially this big is very hard create you know!

himbuoh said, on November the 19th, 2008:

this game is dead are childrens children are the only ones going to be able to play this game at this rate matises child will be taking over anytime soon

Nilinking said, on January the 4th, 2009:

This Game will be awesome ^^ this and Dragon Ball Online are my most Waited games xD

Nilinking said, on January the 4th, 2009:

By the way, Can I help whit something? i have friends that are experts in 3D desing xD

Martin said, on February the 13th, 2009:

Is this project still in progress? I'm asking becouse there are any news from last months..

Nameless Fairy said, on March the 8th, 2009:

why the hell isent there any new updates !??

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