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By Laroon on March the 11th, 2009

The forums have shed their caps of frost and have finally shown greenery coming through. That's right! We have a mini come-back. Old models are being finished, new ones are being processed, and new things are being brainstormed/created.

We have some new faces (I'm not gonna name any, 'cause I'll forget some) but it's great stuff. We have music in the making, models being made, and even MoP has come back to add more to the UI and get a crack at making 3d models too.

ManTis and Moomoo are still away doing whatever they do, and we hope they come back soon. Theorem's around, though busy as well. I suspect most people will becoming back in the summer, but for now, this is a good SPRING forward.


Martin said, on March the 12th, 2009:

Great to see, that you guys are not dead;)

neomew said, on March the 12th, 2009:

yay your back :D

Axmand said, on March the 13th, 2009:

Finally a sign og life xD.

Keep going people.

im tired said, on March the 13th, 2009:


Anonymous said, on March the 15th, 2009:

Wow this is great news, the summmer is just a 100 days away, and then it is another 1000 days for the game to be done, cant wait! I literally cant wait for this shit!

Tiger said, on March the 16th, 2009:

Its good to hear from you again =)

Now we know better xD

Laroon said, on March the 16th, 2009:

yea... some of us wish it was only 1100 days till this thing is done. We'll keep our fingers crossed. thanks for your sarcasm :D

Axmand said, on March the 17th, 2009:

Hey Laroon can you give us a new screenshot of the progress of the game plz????

Tiger said, on March the 17th, 2009:

Yea Laroon, i didn't dare asking :D

I am very, VERY curious... This is a big project, and i never had in mindt any1 dared to make it xD And some great screenshots would be great =3

guesswho said, on March the 18th, 2009:

3 years later, 5 years for the idea

TylerOfBodom said, on March the 18th, 2009:

@ Axmand and Tiger
Laroon does modelling, and isn't involved in the game engine/coding.
That's the job of Mantis and Theorem really.

As for a screenshot, most progress on the game engine would be in coding, so you'd basically see what would look like jibberish if you don't know how to read/understand C#.

Laroon said, on March the 18th, 2009:

That's truly stated, sadly enough. it's not like the people making this game are just sitting in their rooms playing the full game with like...20 other people while the rest of you are just thinking we have nothing to show for it (or are we? :P) but we're just still making random models till ManTis and Theorem can get on their feet again to code and put it all together again. So sorry, but no new screen shots. I'm hoping for noob island to be ready this summer, but that's probably premature. I know that we have a lot of models are are damn near done- maybe 125 or so? and that's a huge chunk.

kryptonian said, on March the 19th, 2009:

Something like noob island would dramatically increase the size of the community.

Tiger said, on March the 19th, 2009:

I understand that they aren't sitting in their rooms. And thats great to hear (The fact that they have a life is just great)

I am not impatient in anyway, beside, i have waiting some years now...
I don't care if im 24 before its out, im gonna try it out :D (im 17 now, soon 19)

Some screenys would be nice, but don't hesitate :3 The less pictures, the greater excitement :)

Just keep it all up, and im sure it will come closer to the end :3

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