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By Theorem on October the 19th, 2007

W00. Hello there.

Just reporting that ManTis asked me to made two changes on the website system.

You now need to answer the question asked when posting a comment
on a blog entry, image, or news update. This was a necessary tool
to fight off the spam we have been getting, according to ManTis.
For now, a simple set of questions was made in order to test the
system, but a few more will be added, and they'll all be questions
whose answer is straight forward for a human being, so no worries.

Also, The images gallery is now paginated, as it was a huge load
of images at once when you visited it. For now, we're sticking
with 12 images per page. I know that the thumbnails should be
generated shrinked images, but I have no time to implement that,
and this paginate option was something I made in like 10 minutes,
so for now, it will have to do.


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