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By jahajazz on March the 20th, 2009

Well, I haven't done dang near anything on this blog since it's inception. I'm hoping to do a much better job of keeping it up to date with stuff I'm making. The most recent development is that I got Charmeleon and Wartortle approved by ManTis. Pics added to my image gallery.


Tiger said, on March the 20th, 2009:

Those two are awesome =) Congratulations!

Keep it up, and welcome back i think :D

Anonymous said, on March the 20th, 2009:


ReApEr said, on March the 21st, 2009:

Looking great! Keep up the good work guys! :D Can't wait till alpha.

you said, on April the 6th, 2009:


Lupefintasco said, on April the 23rd, 2009:

finnally i thought ekaiyo was dead

FutureKikz said, on May the 5th, 2009:

Does anyone know what software is used to design those pokemon? Becuz i would like to be part of the development team.

Jintha said, on May the 6th, 2009:

hey poke ppl :D very nice site, I love the pokemons 3D ^^. I have some ideas I hope you guys would keep in mind.

1. If you ever play mabinogi game, look at the battle system. Especially, the pet battle system. Now, ex: as a player you can control your pokemon to fight, by manually control the skills your pokemon will use. Or, you can put on auto with a list of skills it will use during battle. This type of battle system make you think and make a decisive actions instantly and wouldn't be boring unlike many mmorpgs out there.

2. Make the game with an anime feels / looks. plz don't make the game with a real 3D look. Since, we are dealing with alot of animals so anime looks is the best and it gives off the cuteness feel to it.

thats all and goodluck to you all on this project ^_^

Enrick said, on May the 7th, 2009:

hey FutureKikz

try using T.E.D.D.Y

its a great tool for making 3d models like this..

youll draw the model in 2d then it automatically turn it to 3D

since it's 2d to 3d it gives a anime like graphic

hope i help..

but you need java to make it work

opps why did i even reply to old post ahahahha stupid of me ehhe

Dracofern said, on May the 9th, 2009:

Hai thar. Maek Blarstoirse necst plaez! Or alse i wlii tlak leik a tow ryea ald 4erva!

Figord said, on June the 22nd, 2009:


Echizen Ryoma said, on June the 24th, 2009:

what program do you use to make the images because i could help

me said, on June the 30th, 2009:

Jintha is right, it would be boreing for this game to have the same rpg turned based fighting system that ALL of the other games have, whats the purpose of making a clone of Pokemon Battle revolution? there is none.

Frozed said, on August the 8th, 2009:

That's the tut to use programs needed for graphics ;)

Jet351 said, on October the 28th, 2009:

where is everyone

Gorak (tSC) said, on December the 7th, 2009:

you should try a trial of 3dSOM pro. if you made all the characters out of clay (find some art students at a vocational school to do it for free) you could take all-around pictures of the finished products and use that software to automatically render the images for you... =P

Hero said, on February the 24th, 2010:

This is the best idea for an MMORPG ever conceived. It is my belief that everyone in the world, if given one wish, would wish for pokemon to be real. I am currently pursuing a computer science degree but haven't taken any C/C++ courses yet. I am learning JAVA right now and have the basics of programming down (I guess).
A pokemon mmo is what I want to exist even if I have to do it myself and I remember stumbling upon this blog sometime last year, but it seems that there hasn't been much action since then.
Can we get any confirmation that this project is still going and I don't have to start from scratch? I'm willing to help in any way I can.

ASH Lost Faith in em said, on April the 1st, 2010:

Keep doin what your doing i wish the best but ive been here since like the beggining of the making of this game i dunno i game usually doesnt take 40 years to make but ey u guys been trying hard so dont giv up.

Viento said, on April the 7th, 2010:

Hi, i'm an unemployee coder with tons of time to waste :P if you need developers for the game, contact me:

Sim said, on April the 24th, 2010:

So.. It's been another year then, any updates?

Rose said, on May the 5th, 2010:

So did this project die?

Rupert said, on May the 29th, 2010:

Yes it fucking died, get over it rose and all you other pokemaniacs, this projects gamemakers were 2 poor to make a game and didnt know how to do it, they gave u kids false hopes, thats it...

WOW WATCH! said, on July the 11th, 2010:
Wow nice pokemon game for the pc in 3D on the make!!! :O
check this out dammit so cawl!

Summon Your Death said, on July the 15th, 2010:

I've been waiting for this to come out for like 2 years or something!! Omgg I can't wait seriously, when this comes out I'll probably drown in my own cum because it'll make me orgasm so much. :D A Bit graphic S:

Ekaiyo is Dead said, on July the 17th, 2010:

Ekaiyo has been dead for a long time. Now it seems even the maggots have drifted off to some other place.

Loonix said, on July the 20th, 2010:

Just make the game a open source project for Linux, they will manage to finish the project and if it will catch on it might even get ported to mac or windows.

Hero said, on August the 10th, 2010:

If anyone here willing to help knows java there's this exceedingly capable little engine here that could get the job done. If only I was better at programming.

SevenSevenSeven said, on August the 12th, 2010:

Ekaiyo is THE BEST game of pokemon I've EVER SEEN.
And I haven't played the damned thing yet.

Mutebulbasaur said, on August the 12th, 2010:

No one will be able to edit open source because the creator and devs are all offline permanently. There's no one to get the unfinished code and models from.

Daftcow said, on August the 12th, 2010:

then someone needs to contact them. i mean there has to be a way to get ahold of them. this is the internet. we can think of something. i mean if 4chan can force the internet to do something why don't we do the same. lets get their attention... this idea cant die. if this project never gets reopened we all fail... and we obviously don't care about it enough.

Game over said, on August the 13th, 2010:

Game over...

Mutebulbasaur said, on August the 13th, 2010:

could spam the Ekaiyo forum. But I know people have asked for the code/models before and no one will give it out. The like 3 mods left (that's a big maybe on the 3 part. I've only seen 1 in the past few months)either are still convinced the project is going somewhere, or are too lazy/self-absorbed to give the data to someone who will actually use it.

Wolf said, on October the 2nd, 2010:

Wow you've done a worse job than before by the looks of it.

Catch em said, on November the 28th, 2010:


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