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A small Gauntlet/Diablo inspired game for 4E contest

Project updateClearly I remember

By ManTis on April the 12th, 2008

Well, finally something new to show regarding Glass Trap. It's finished level tree generator. It displays connection between the rooms - look on the right side, you see part of the map and how it translates to rooms (black squares), and connections between them (red = signs). Connection between two rooms means that there's either no wall between them or there is a door. So this 2x2 room could be one big room, four small connected by door, one 2x1 and two small rooms, two 2x1 rooms or one L=shaped room and one small room. That's of course disregarding connections with other rooms.

I hope that my explanation isn't too convoluted ;).


Project updateSoma

By ManTis on April the 12th, 2008

I created some new stuff for the game. Not much to display, mostly behind the scenes - etc, but I managed to create weapon trails which look cool (I think)

Also, a lot has changed in the mechanics departament. Instead of 3 classes to choose, you'll have 3 tree skills:

-Snipe (sniper rifle-like)
-Speed (minigun-like)
-Spread (shotgun-like)

With each having it own merits, for example Snipe mode has high chance of piercing the enemy or scoring a critical hit, speed mode has higher average damage, and spread mode has highest damage potential and is absolutely devastating at close range. Here's a picture of early concept testing.

You will be able to pick up weapons and armor, with each having different abilities. To further differentiate weapons have couple damage types, and each monster type can be resistant or immune to given type. The types of damage are:

-Smack (base damage)
-Slap (blunt damage)
-Splash (fluid damage - acid, holy water, lava, etc)
-Slice (cut damage. it was supposed to be called Emo damage at first but then I noticed that nearly all of mechanic stats in my game are beginning with S, so I decided to roll with it)

Here's a simple editor I whipped up for testing if this makes sense, simulates player attacking a boss, MaulingMonkey ;)

PS: Yes, this entry is very old and copypasted from my gamedev thread. Since 4E is dead, updating this journal sounds like a more reasonable thing than updating the gamedev one.


Project updateBandages

By ManTis on April the 12th, 2008

Unfortunately, 4E finished while I was in really fucked up period in my life and couldn't code for 2 months. This doesn't mean I'm giving up on this project. I mean, how could one give up on Accountants From Jungle shooting Mutated Unicorn Ponies, while sniffing Crystal Meth and seeing Exploding Stuff?

In other words, time to code some :D


Project updateDo you feel that?

By ManTis on October the 16th, 2007

Since I've worked sum on Ekaiyo, I didn't have time to code for this project. I did however, create a full grass-dirt tileset, and am adding walls now. They lack distinguishable borders, but still they're better than whatever I created up till now (clicky here for pictures).

Will finish polishing (or rather destroying ;) ) the walls, and resume working on level random generation. I really don't want to have to fall back to hand-created levels.


Project updateSmashing through the boundaries

By ManTis on October the 4th, 2007

And, the rooms are now created correctly (insert triumphant music score here). In this picture you can see rooms rendered as gray fields, though whole level is 3x smaller than real one, just so you can see how the created level looks like.

Skip what I said about adding the level elements, first I'm going to implement Line Of Sight algorithm. Well, walls MAY be added ;)


Project updateTransmutation

By ManTis on October the 4th, 2007

I've been working on level creation, but level created are nothing like those in Diablo - they're maze of twisty little passages with some rooms. Will have to tweak it.

I was also idly wondering about adding more RPG-like elements in the game, like stats. I know that creating full Diablo (clone? parody?) is out of my reach, even if I would work whole 6 months, but I want to add some things from it - I don't want the game to be boring and for one sitting only. I want to add that something that Diablo had. The 'one more level' factor.

Oh well, enough ranting, back to coding. After I will manage to create good levels, I'll work on adding some more graphics into the game for a while (walls mostly), and then will work on adding random stuff in the rooms.


Project updateFresh meat!

By ManTis on September the 30th, 2007

I've worked on random level generator, and actually something came out. So far I'm generating labirynths - first step on the way to random dungeon, or office buildings as the case may be. Next thing to add will be rooms, and after that - doors and other randomly placed level content.


Project updateCantare

By ManTis on September the 29th, 2007

Well, I've worked a bit on the moving and I have it nearly figured out. Player's character wanders in the same way the one in Diablo does - it goes to the closest point that's available to place where user clicked. Camera also follows the main player like in the aforementioned game.

I have small problems with creatures following the avatar: I've released the Secretary and ordered her to charge at the player, but from time to time she'll pick random direction and cross any walls and go there. Dunno yet why's that happening.

So far, the game looks more or less like this.

Next on: Random level generation. For now it'll be just walls from holes, but later on I'll add actual walls.


Project updateRoger Wilco and Vivid Vixen

By ManTis on September the 28th, 2007

I'm bored, so I created another 2 characters for my game: Janitor (he may not be smartest person out there, but he can get your head off with the mop) and hot Secretary (Bond's girls are NOTHING on her)


Project updateAccountants in the mist

By ManTis on September the 28th, 2007

Well, this year's 4E contest was announced.

The elements game must consist of are: Accountants, Ponies, Crystals and Explosions.

Sounds ridiculous enough? Well, let's get started on my game idea:

There was this HUGE ASS building, with lots of companies in it some shopping mall, etc. Due to some cataclysm, it was shut off from the outside world. Well, the people managed to live couple years on the supplies inside, then eventually started cultivating seeds etc. You are their descendant. Descendand of the tribe of V. Rich and Co. This was very bad year, crops grew weak, so you are sent by your tribe elders to find the magical key to big bird on roof (helicopter).

There are big ass rats, mutated people from floors closer to roof, CRAZY VAMPIRE LAWYERS, and so on.

You can gather a 'Crystals' left overs from Yup-Pie tribe of your ancestors, which make you move faster and feel less pain ;)

You can hunt for Ponies, which escaped from a local petting zoo - they are cute and don't attack you if you don't attack them, so you're presented with moral dillema - kill the innocent creatures (powerful when attack!) to gain health, or leave them be and hope that you can find something else to eat.

Game will be cross between Chaos Engine/Cyberdogs style, Get Medievial/Gauntlet and Diablo.

You'll have one of 3 classes:
Accountant armed with Staple Gun - fast attack, but weak,
Secretary armed with Coffe Dispenser - medium speed, medium strength,
Janitor armed with buckets - slow but powerful.

I'm going to make the game in simulated 13h mode style (320x200 res, 256 colors). Upscaled with nearest neighbour so you can play on TFT displays as well ;).

I've never done any pixel art, so keep an eye out for ugly pictures :D

My influences include, but are not limited to:

Monty Python's Crimson Permanent Assurance
Chuck Palachniuk's Fight Club
Scott Adams's Dilbert

and games (in alphabetical order)

Cannon Fodder
Chaos Engine
Get Medieval

Thanks for all the fun I had with these, respective creators ;)