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By ManTis on October the 16th, 2007 under Glass Trap project

Since I've worked sum on Ekaiyo, I didn't have time to code for this project. I did however, create a full grass-dirt tileset, and am adding walls now. They lack distinguishable borders, but still they're better than whatever I created up till now (clicky here for pictures).

Will finish polishing (or rather destroying ;) ) the walls, and resume working on level random generation. I really don't want to have to fall back to hand-created levels.


said, on October the 16th, 2007:

you are not working the ekaiyo project???

ManTis said, on October the 17th, 2007:

I am working on both projects. If a programmer works on a single project for too long, he develops hate for it. So I'm working about half week on one project, then half week on the other.

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