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By ManTis on April the 12th, 2008 under Glass Trap project

Well, finally something new to show regarding Glass Trap. It's finished level tree generator. It displays connection between the rooms - look on the right side, you see part of the map and how it translates to rooms (black squares), and connections between them (red = signs). Connection between two rooms means that there's either no wall between them or there is a door. So this 2x2 room could be one big room, four small connected by door, one 2x1 and two small rooms, two 2x1 rooms or one L=shaped room and one small room. That's of course disregarding connections with other rooms.

I hope that my explanation isn't too convoluted ;).


Anonymous said, on April the 12th, 2008:

Do you use paint to make ekaiyo too?

diablos_blade said, on April the 12th, 2008:

it was rather convoluted, but generally that a sign of alot of effort. so i'm ok with that =]. i actually want to play this quite alot, the gameplay is looking to be more in depth than i'd imagined. also... ^ that guy... cannot be serious.

ManTis said, on April the 13th, 2008:

I have no idea what texture makers use to make art for Ekaio (For this project I use Paint.NET and Graphics Gale). Paint is only a quick-and-dirty tool to explain stuff or do screenshots.

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