By ManTis on April the 12th, 2008 under Glass Trap project

I created some new stuff for the game. Not much to display, mostly behind the scenes - etc, but I managed to create weapon trails which look cool (I think)

Also, a lot has changed in the mechanics departament. Instead of 3 classes to choose, you'll have 3 tree skills:

-Snipe (sniper rifle-like)
-Speed (minigun-like)
-Spread (shotgun-like)

With each having it own merits, for example Snipe mode has high chance of piercing the enemy or scoring a critical hit, speed mode has higher average damage, and spread mode has highest damage potential and is absolutely devastating at close range. Here's a picture of early concept testing.

You will be able to pick up weapons and armor, with each having different abilities. To further differentiate weapons have couple damage types, and each monster type can be resistant or immune to given type. The types of damage are:

-Smack (base damage)
-Slap (blunt damage)
-Splash (fluid damage - acid, holy water, lava, etc)
-Slice (cut damage. it was supposed to be called Emo damage at first but then I noticed that nearly all of mechanic stats in my game are beginning with S, so I decided to roll with it)

Here's a simple editor I whipped up for testing if this makes sense, simulates player attacking a boss, MaulingMonkey ;)

PS: Yes, this entry is very old and copypasted from my gamedev thread. Since 4E is dead, updating this journal sounds like a more reasonable thing than updating the gamedev one.


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