By SeraphsWitness on September the 12th, 2009 under Ekaiyo project

No, the project isn't dead. Consider this the update you've all been begging for! Just because you don't hear from us doesn't mean it's dead. Would you rather us work on the project or spend time telling you every detail?

On top of that (and I can't believe I'm repeating myself yet again), we all have LIVES. Rent to pay, jobs to go to, family members to love. Ekaiyo is NOT top priority at all times, unfortunately. So quit your whining, scallywags!

By the way, I graduated in May. Looking for a full-time position!


DPCerberusBlaze said, on September the 12th, 2009:

:O Has someone been getting spam again? Damn those whiny bas-tards. \o\ Congrats on graduating btw. Good luck on the jobsearh

Glutexo said, on September the 12th, 2009:

Haha something would have went very wrong when Ekaiyo was your top priority :D Good to hear from an official that you guys are still working on it though! Some people just don't seem to understand that Ekaiyo is non profitable and that you spend your free time on it... It's not like you get paid for it, which makes it even more respectable! Grats for graduating and good luck with the important stuff ;)

_0rion said, on September the 14th, 2009:

if only nintendo would buy ekaiyo, then pay ya'll to make it.....oh well, back to reality it is....

Axmand said, on September the 16th, 2009:

Glad to see this people still alive... xD Well, just keep up the good work, take all the time to bring a well done independent video game project.

. said, on September the 17th, 2009:

This will never be finished. There are about 200 pokemon renders in the forum but no demo. 4 years! Thats why i started my own project. Im planning to start a forum AFTER i have a demo. Probably in winter.

GhostLyrics said, on September the 18th, 2009:

>Glad to see this people still alive... I couldn't agree more

DPCerberusBlaze said, on September the 18th, 2009:

hey ., first of all, nice name .. Now then ., feel free to drop everyone a link when you have a working demo. That's great the you've taken the initiate to make it yourself ,.. I think .s rendition of pokemon may be amazing. Just look at .! Anyone who can confidently use . as a name is someone who is not only incredibly self-secure- like our friend . here- but is also incredibly creative. ., I tip my hate to you.. that one day, I myself will find home in a revolutionary name such as ..

Saraphite said, on October the 7th, 2009:

DPCerberusBlaze, I kinda see where your coming from, but then I lose you again. Too many .'s

nisfero said, on October the 9th, 2009:


Tiger said, on October the 11th, 2009:

Congratulations on your Graduation =) Hope you catch yourself a well-paid and exciting :)

iTerrorist said, on October the 14th, 2009:

Yeah grats with the graduation and gl with the job search. RE: . You are an idiot. It would be better to make a demo, then a forum THEN post your silly comments about Ekayio not having a demo after four years. And think about it. You are one person. You don't have the developers or financial support to create a working demo of anything worth playing in any real amount of time. So quite complaining. Go make your demo - then your forum then come back and claim your brilliance - sure by then we will all be playing the beta for Ekayio (I estimate) Regards, iTerrorist

Tiger said, on October the 14th, 2009:

Well said Terrorist, By the time (.) have even have a great forum, ekaiyo will be at it's beta state.

@Tiger said, on November the 8th, 2009:

silly Tiger, Ekaiyo will never have a beta. That's just sillytalk. You should rename yourself to SillyTiger because you're so silly.

Shawnnnan said, on November the 10th, 2009:

@Tiger?.... Im guessing your either . or another idiot who claims they could do better. May i say the cliche that "nothing worth having takes no effort at all" well the team behind Ekaiyo are obviously putting effort in, during their own free time! Just be grateful they are doing something we will all enjoy, so it doesnt matter whether its taken a little while.

be smart said, on December the 3rd, 2009:

all the people that are like @tiger and . should either get a life, or since they are so great help out ekaiyo and make models

Jen 10 said, on December the 10th, 2009:

Don't worry just take your time with this project. I have all the time in the world to wait and Congrats on Graduating!

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