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 Updates, updates...

By bezet on November the 7th, 2008 under Ekaiyo project

Hey guys, just a small update to keep you informed about the project and its progress.

We are getting great voice submissions - that's good, however it's still not enough. This is considered as the easiest way to help the project, so if you would like to contribute, just read this topic, record a pokemon voice and send it to ekaiyosounds[AT]]gmail[[DOT]com.

When it comes to music, we plan to create different type of Pokemon Center music for different places (not for every single city, just for places which stand out).
Here for instance, is the classic Pokemon Center music: Pokemon Center
And here is the Lavender Town version: Lavender Town Pokecenter (click download file on the right hand side)

MoP is creating an amazing-looking GUI for the game. I've started creating sprites for items, which can be seen here: clicky-clicky

ManTis is moving to a new house at the moment; he will be back on the 20th of November and continue finishing the alpha version of Ekaiyo.


 Sounds, muzaak and shit

By bezet on August the 13th, 2008 under Ekaiyo project

As some of your probably know, I'm taking care of sound in Ekaiyo.

I have created a few remixes of pokemon songs already, here are a few:
Pokemon Center (Elevator Music/Lounge Remix)
Gym Theme
Pokemon (Ghost) Tower (Dubstep remix)
Lavender Town (Sentimental Piano remix)
Hope you like them.

When it comes to sounds, Mantis posted a few attack sounds some time ago.
However, I am not working on attack sounds only - I also create pokemon voices. Although I can imitate a few pokemon, I can't imitate them all. That's why we need your help.
First of all, read the topic at the boards. You'll find there suggestions, advice and references.
Then, chose a pokemon and record it's voice. You will contribute to the project! All voices are morphed, corrected and cleaned, so don't worry that someone will recognise your voice (if you would worry about that anyway).

Here are some examples:
Magnemite (faint)

We need your help, so if you want to submit your voices, end them to: ekaiyosounds[AT]gmail[DOT]com (replace the stuff in brackets with @ and . of course, spam prevention).

Happy recording!