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By bezet on August the 13th, 2008 under Ekaiyo project

As some of your probably know, I'm taking care of sound in Ekaiyo.

I have created a few remixes of pokemon songs already, here are a few:
Pokemon Center (Elevator Music/Lounge Remix)
Gym Theme
Pokemon (Ghost) Tower (Dubstep remix)
Lavender Town (Sentimental Piano remix)
Hope you like them.

When it comes to sounds, Mantis posted a few attack sounds some time ago.
However, I am not working on attack sounds only - I also create pokemon voices. Although I can imitate a few pokemon, I can't imitate them all. That's why we need your help.
First of all, read the topic at the boards. You'll find there suggestions, advice and references.
Then, chose a pokemon and record it's voice. You will contribute to the project! All voices are morphed, corrected and cleaned, so don't worry that someone will recognise your voice (if you would worry about that anyway).

Here are some examples:
Magnemite (faint)

We need your help, so if you want to submit your voices, end them to: ekaiyosounds[AT]gmail[DOT]com (replace the stuff in brackets with @ and . of course, spam prevention).

Happy recording!


_Orion said, on August the 13th, 2008:

Like all the songs except the gym theme is just missing something for me. It doesn't sound bad, but it just seems a little to slow for a gym. Maybe you should make it a little faster and edgier, or add more of the chorus voices to give it that sorta "Epic" feel if you know what I mean.

bezet said, on August the 13th, 2008:

The Gym theme has exactly the same tempo as the original. But I can try making it faster, will see how it sounds.

_Orion said, on August the 13th, 2008:

Well (after listening to it a couple more times then pulling out my ds) i don't think its really speed that it needs. The thing that is bugging me is that it seems kinda flat in the sense that the shifts between high and low notes and the different sounds aren't as dramatic and progress fairly slowly compared to the normal games. (I only bothered to check fire red cause it was in the ds, the others might be different)

bezet said, on August the 13th, 2008:

I'll listen to the fire red version and try to remaster it. Thanks for the input.

TylerOfBodom said, on August the 14th, 2008:

Holy crap. Psyduck - heavy hit. So good.

Ubiquinone said, on August the 14th, 2008:

I particularly like Lavender Town's music. I've always liked Sentimental Piano and what you've done is great. It's sad and off-putting at the same time, like you're really walking into a ghost town. :)

bezet said, on August the 14th, 2008:

Psyduck was recorded by Polo. Kudos for him.

charizard said, on August the 15th, 2008:

I've always liked the lavender town theme, ever since I was a little kid. It sounds really great on the piano, I also liked the tower theme(pretty creepy,lol), and the pokemon center is perfect. just an idea(though its one you've probably already thought 'bout it) instead of getting a new voices for magneton and dugtrio, you could use the recordings that you already have from magnemite and diglett(if you have the diglett voice)and just make three layers of a lower version.

DPCerberusBlaze said, on August the 15th, 2008:

Ha, the pokemon Center one is begging for a steel drum solo. I think hear a carribean influence on that one, but I'm not sure. Lavender town, that eerie ghost music is definitely spot on. You can hear it from the start. I don't know about the Ghost tower though(that's the one in lavender town, right?). I think you should put the one you made for the town in the tower and put that one in the fight sequences. That's just my opinion. I like the gym theme, except for one thing. It's kinda confusing for me to explain and if anyone doesn't understand scales or general music, just stop reading. I don't have a suggestion, just an idea. The gym theme doesn't sound as perfect. I think it's because that one voice only goes up and down on a whole step interval. It doesn't mesh together as nicely with the rest as the higher step up does(it's kinda hard to explain with my limited knowledge of terminology. If you don't know, it's the one that goes up and down the scale to the fifth and then does the same thing only one step down). I know I've that problem in some of my compositions. What might also contribute to this is that most of the music seems to happen in the same octave I think. I had an idea for that part too. instead of just repeating the scale down one step, why don't you just do an ascending pattern? I think regular thirds would fit in nicely, but my ears not that trained, so i dunno. the pattern i thought of would be: 3 1 5 3 7 5 9 7 6. or: mi do so mi ti so re ti la(la and 6 landing on the first note of the scale when it goes up again.) I hope you understand what i said. it's a little hard to write something that you normally demonstrate by singing/playing it. btw, thank you for demonstrating how close to the original music I could get. I was worried I was getting too close while thinking about my theme. I'll start the midi as soon as my cousins leave next week and hopefully you like it.

Adrian said, on August the 15th, 2008:

Dude im loving it besides the gym battle one. Like it should have more of a feel. I don't know im not an expert but yeah some more bass and like every fourth beat have a drum beat.

bezet said, on August the 15th, 2008:

It's not a gym battle theme, it's the theme inside the gym.

Rotgus said, on August the 16th, 2008:

Awesome job bezet. The gym theme sounds really zelda-ish. I love it. And the pokemon tower is awesome too.

Haze said, on August the 24th, 2008:

Lavender Town theme is absolutely perfect. They are all very good.

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