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By moomoo on August the 14th, 2007 under Ekaiyo project

So, the new website is up, and we finally got to reveal that animation we held from you for two weeks.

I already said it in the comments there but I'll repeat it here: the video does not use ingame graphics, it's pre-rendered. It does show what we hope Ekaiyo will look like (at least!), and the Pokémon models are just the game models. They haven't been smoothened or given extra detail, so graphics like these are not outside the realm of possibility.

Wow, sure is long since my last blog entry.


Theorem said, on August the 14th, 2007:

I'm positive I can render better hyper beam using shaders :P But yeah, all objects/textures from the video are the exact same ones we use in game. mooms did great work with them, and I was giddy since I saw first renders :)

moomoo said, on August the 14th, 2007:

Better water and mountains too, I imagine.

Theorem said, on August the 14th, 2007:

I should hope so ;)

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