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By moomoo on August the 20th, 2007 under Ekaiyo project

Laroon has joined the Pokémodeling team and sent in his Hitmonlee model. Nice work man.


etix said, on August the 20th, 2007:

welcome loon =]. your best model so far!

Uknown said, on August the 21st, 2007:

aye. welcome and good work.

Saraphite said, on August the 21st, 2007:

Nice work!

Theorem said, on August the 21st, 2007:

the unsigned person was me.

i would like to help program said, on September the 4th, 2007:

can i please help/join the pokemodeling team. please. i have a ditto, a chimchar, a squitrle, and many more already in its *3D* stage. i would really like to help, if i cant, i wil never have anything to look foreward to again! EVER! So please, lok into your heart and let me help! please e-mail me @ A.K.A. Duncan.

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