postOff through the new day's mist

By ManTis on August the 14th, 2007 under My! Planet 3 project

Well, most of you don't even know what this project is about - there was time when me and moomoo decided to close Ekaiyo untill we gathered enough confidence in our skills. Started creating small games (like asteroids clones, 3d arkanoid, and others). Eventually, this idea came to our head - a UT/Quake like game, but where you would use a hovercrafts instead of normal avatars, and the game would be set on small meteor-sized planets. We started working hard, and the effect was more than what we hoped for - we enjoyed it so much, that we had enough energy to go back to Ekaiyo. Well, that means that the project is on small hold (until we'll have next block ;) ). Here's the video of how the steering would look like:



[K]Ludwig said, on June the 24th, 2009:

The planet looks very nice! I think it would get me dizzy if I played this for too long.

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