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 Secret project

By troive on April the 9th, 2009 under Ekaiyo project

Ive just started working towards a deadline on a secret ekaiyo project and will therefore be less active on forum, z00t and irc.


 Ekaiyo 3D modeler

By troive on April the 7th, 2009 under Ekaiyo project

Daily, during the last years I've been experimenting and creating own pieces, just to reach closer to my big achievment in life - to become a great gfx artist working on a gaming-company anywhere in the world. Becoming a 3D modeler in Ekaiyo is a great step closer to my goal. Ekaiyo is a great opportunity for me to grow as an artist and in the same time fulfil a childhood dream.

As a person I am very open and full of initiative, i always have a positive attitude and engage new challanges with deepcommitment. My motto is that 'everything has a solution'. Im a popular co-worker and advocate team spirit. Its very important for me that all work should achieve the best result possible, therefore I always perform at my top and never leave a second-rated performance. My creative skills are on a high level and they have resulted in various grants and commissions of trust.

I know that i can provide Ekaiyo both qualities and knowledge that will render possible increasment of its preformances. As far s im concerned, there is no limit for knowledge and thats why I am always trying to improve my skills. I know this process will continue during my working time here at Ekaiyo, but ive also decided to continue my studies in addition to my work here, and through that become an even bigger resource for this project. Which has become a big passion of mine.


If you want to stay tuned i suggest that you keep an eye on my image gallery where i post all my new renders. Right now im modeling te kanto pokemons. After that, ill move on to people and environment.

/John Troive