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 New models

By Keio on August the 27th, 2007 under Ekaiyo project

Well I just uploaded all the models I've done so far.
The first one being Arbok!
Others can be found clicking the "Keio's gallery" link :P

I'm not modeling too much this days since I was travelling, organizing, etc. But once I'm in my home/studio work will continue.


 New 3D modeler

By Keio on August the 25th, 2007 under Ekaiyo project

Hi all, I guess I'm the new guy in this team. I've been here for 3 or 4 weeks, but I'll stay a little longer :)

I started doing some 3D models like Turtwig.
And others that I'll post later.
After I'll animate them and hopefully all the 3D pokemons, objects, etc will be done soon. (All members working hard :P)

So, I'll keep this blog updated with my work, enjoy!