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By etix on August the 16th, 2007 under Ekaiyo project

Hi all.

ManTis asked me to introduce myself since probably only a few know me from the forums, so here i go.

I'm etix, 19 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Studying Marketing & Communication in Amsterdam. I think there isn't much more you need to know from my personal life, so i'll say something about my work on the Ekaiyo project.

My job on Ekaiyo is taking care of all the 2D graphics. So basically this has everything to do with the GUI (frames, maps, icons, pokemon pictures, etc.) and promotion like banners and website (designed the z00ttheater website too).

There were already some screenshots on the forums of Ekaiyo, but to fresh up your mind (and for the people that didn't saw this screenshots) i'll start posting the Login screen. It will probably not be the final, from time to time i'll change things on it.

Here it is.

Hope you like it :),



Laroon said, on August the 15th, 2007:

Take your shirt off!

newcomer said, on August the 21st, 2007:

hi i just came 2 have a look so i am still new on the site

a said, on August the 21st, 2007:

i dont get a thing

kl said, on August the 21st, 2007:

can i help in any way i want 2 be part of it if so contact me on my msn kl

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