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By Theorem on April the 9th, 2009 under Ekaiyo project

After being away for a while, I return to the forums and check
that the Graphics board is pretty much chaos, filled with pokémon
model threads everywhere. Trying to improve this, I talked with ManTis
and we decided to remodel things a bit.

We created a section for the graphics boards, and divided it into
two different boards: One containing the pokémon models discussions
and the other one containing everything else.

In addition, I created a modeling status section, so that we know immediately
in which state is the modeling process of each pokémon.

Troive is now part of the team, as he's been doing a few nice models, and he's been quite active in the forums. I hope that he can help us moderate the whole modeling process.

See you next time.


troive said, on April the 9th, 2009:

I like your improvements in the graphic board, it was a very needed update. good job! its also a great bridge between z00t and the forum that will connect even more fans. Im very glad to be a part of the ekaiyo team. Its allways sweet to work with talented people. You can count on me ;) ill keep you updated

Rinji said, on December the 4th, 2009:

HI))How to download this game)?Ekaiyo)

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