postPre-production and ABE updates

By Theorem on August the 4th, 2008 under Ekaiyo project

As you could see in ManTis's previous post, he'll be out until the 9th, or something like that. So I've been developing the pre-production demo while he's gone.
I've finished all my assigned tasks, so I'm just waiting for his return to tweak the shader a bit and help me out with movement prediction.
I tested it out with moomoo and TopYoash, and everything seems to be working fine. I guess we're on the right track now.

All is going well in that department, so I decided to update Ekaiyo's ABE -- Advanced Battle Engine.

As one could see in the forum thread about ABE, I was porting the old C++ code to C#. That was about a year ago. This summer, I'm working on it again.

I'm now working on the multiplayer battle architecture, which requires handling actions from several clients in the same battle and stuff.
It will be pretty straightforward, I just have to get some inspiration.
Having it finished, I'll move on to the damage calculator, which was done in the C++ version, but needs to be ported.

If I have this done on time, we could actually integrate it with the preproduction demo; that would be just awesome.


feli said, on August the 5th, 2008:

coool i smell progress!

Ubiquinone said, on August the 5th, 2008:

It's a scientific fact that a person's speech gets increasingly more inane the closer his or her proximity to a kitty. I hope that gives you some inspiration. >:3

numel said, on August the 5th, 2008:


Liphx said, on August the 5th, 2008:

Lol I dont get it either, but I do smell progress o:

numel said, on August the 6th, 2008:

for your preproduction demo can we just download it, play it and comment on it or do we have to sign up and do all the normal mmorpg crap

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