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By Theorem on August the 16th, 2007 under Ekaiyo project

I'm glad this thing is finished. I was the guy who coded the page, so I better not hear any complaints.
I used z00tTheater to test the PHP framework I'm working on, so I could test deploying a website on a
strange server. Lots of bugs came out, so it was a kind of positive experience, but it still has a lot
of work needed to be done, though.

(Also, the text area where I'm writing is this small: |------------------|, so it kind of sucks).

Anyway, I had to stop working on ABE in order to work on this, so the time schedule got changed. I am no
longer working on it, and I am on a very tight schedule right now, working for our national health
regulating entity as a programmer/syadmin for the month of August. I don't know when I'll have time for
ABE anymore, but I'll try to finish it ASAP. I've been fiddling with networking in C#, trying to get
players to connect. I'll need to plan the database for players information, aswell. I don't really
know what to do first, the networking or the battle engine. The battle engine is more exciting, so
I guess I'll go that way.

And this is it. Bye o:


JB said, on August the 15th, 2007:

i came. you sure know a lot. perhaps TOO much...

JB said, on August the 15th, 2007:

btw, the link in etix' entry doesn't work

Uknown said, on August the 16th, 2007:


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