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By Theorem on April the 18th, 2008 under Ekaiyo project

We've been contacted by Pivot, from the core crew of PokeGlobal, and he had a very interesting invitation for us.
There seems to be an initiative called the "Pokemon Net Consortium". It is composed by several Pokemon MMORPG developers, coming from different games, such as PokeGlobal, PokeQuest and Pokemon Online Revolution.
Its aim is to specificate a common network protocol shared by all the games, opening up a couple of new possibilities. One of them being allowing battles between games, and possibly some other kind of interaction.

Me, as the core crew developer responsible for networking and the battle system, am currently assigned to the task of maintaining contact with Pivot and the other PNConsortium developers.
As every other game is 2D, and we are the only 3D one, there might be some
impossibilities in the creation of a single protocol, but we'll see how this might work out.

I hope that this noble movement brings profit to every MMORPG involved.

Meanwhile, I've been working with LUA and with Networking in C#, and I was
able to create a simple chat, with a server, many clients, and a bot whose
behaviour is programmed in LUA scripting.


Ya Kno ME! cpuDuDe11 said, on April the 18th, 2008:

Glad to hear this ^_^ this means that(Hopefully) The server will be up more Also It's Celebration time! Preproduction has hit 50% Done!!!! YAY --CpuDuDe11

Axmand said, on April the 18th, 2008:

Good for you man. Good Luck.

yotoman said, on April the 19th, 2008:

i dont get it what do u mean by battles between games? and how is being involved with pokegolbal help ekaiyo like i dont understand the whole system but if its good congratz OHH and 50% yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Dchao said, on April the 20th, 2008:

Sweetness, yay!

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