Mergesort madness

What's my goal?

To implement mergesort in 42 different languages.


Back in June 2006, I enrolled the Numeric Analysis course, in which we had three weeks to do an assignment.

The assignment consisted in analyzing several implementations of Euler's Method. My goal was to implement it in the largest number of languages possible. As time ran out (as it always does), I was forced to abandon the project. Not happy about it, I decided to leave for a crusade against several computer languages, implementing Mergesort in each one of them.

How's it going?

Here's the list of (25) completed implementations, hosted on github.

  1. Assembly IA32
  2. Bash scripting
  3. Brainfuck
  4. C
  5. C++
  6. C++ Template MetaProgramming
  7. Common Lisp
  8. Erlang
  9. Fortran 95
  10. Haskell
  11. J
  12. Java
  13. Javascript
  14. LOLCODE 1.0
  15. Maxima
  16. mIRC Scripting
  17. Perl
  18. PHP
  19. Portugol
  20. Prolog
  21. Python
  22. Ruby
  23. Scheme
  24. VDM++
  25. XSL