Haptic experiments

What work have I done in the haptic field?

The Instrumentation for Measurement Laboratory at FEUP is equipped with a haptic device. We started by modelling the device, SensAble's Phantom Premium 1.5, in a 3D environment using Blender. We recorded a sample video of the skeleton movement working.

Afterwards, we mapped the real device movement into the virtual device previously created. We also binded a few computer keys in order to control the device through the keyboard. This allowed us to understand the device API.

Finally, we made a small sample game, in which the player had to pop balloons that appeared from the bottom of the screen and floated up. The player would feel force feedback whenever the cursor came in contact with each balloon.

Who was involved?

I've worked with my colleague, Júlio Santos under the supervision of Professors A. Augusto de Sousa, Maria Teresa Restivo and António Mendes Lopes

Any publications?

We published a small article regarding this study, entitled "Human-Machine Real-Virtual Haptic Interaction Systems" which was published at the Virtual University 9th International Conference, Bratislava, December 2008.