Programming contests

In what kind of contests do I enter?

ACM hosts the International Collegiate Programming Contest every year. Participating in groups of three students, each team must solve a set of 5 – 11 problems, which require knowledge about mathematics, graph theory, dynamic programming and other computer science related topics.

Google hosts a yearly programming contest as well, named Google Code Jam. This contest is not restricted to college students, and it is an individual competition, so there is a large number of participants each year from all over the world.

Aside from these two major competitions, I enter other random programming contests.

What are my results?

Regarding Google Code Jam, I have achieved a top 500 more than once, in a contest where there are tens of thousands of competitors from more than a hundred countries. Here are my stats:

My ICPC national and regional (South-Western European Regional Contest) results from 2005 to 2009 are as follow:

Together with Pedro Loureiro, we entered a Logical and Functional Programming Contest/Meeting in 2007, achieving the 4th place.

With whom do I code?

Over the years, I have entered ICPC with several friends: